Here's a look at what we're working on right now

Autonomous Sailboat

Project Leader: Wyatt
Fabricating a competitive autonomous sailboat that can seamlessly glide through water.


Lunabotics Competition

Project Leader: Tucker
A robot that can excavate sand in a NASA hosted competition simulating lunar mining.


Brain Controlled wheelchair

Project Leader: Sunil
Using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology to control a robotic wheelchair, allowing for more accessible fmovement for those with extremely limited motor control.

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Currently Inactive Projects

Amphibious UAV

Project Leader: Mario
Designing a UAV that can fly as well as submerge and navigate under water!


Chocobot Chocolate 3d Printer

Project Leader: Meghana
A robot that prints chocolate? Enough said.


Karel the robot

Project Leader: Cenobio
Bring your CS106A dreams (or nightmares) to life - building a real life programmable Karel the Robot set.


Plasma Speakers

Project Leader: Neil
Bluetooth speakers that use a high voltage arc to play music. Harness the power of lightening when jamming out at your next party.


Robotic Sphere Project

Project Leader: Gabe
A spherical robot that uses changes in flywheel momentum to roll and jump around. Currently resembles a hamster ball because it is made with a hamster ball.