Core Teams

Get a sense of what we're working on. We're ALWAYS open to new ideas.

Rover Logo.png

Over the course of the school year, we will build a functional rover to overcome the challenges of harsh Martian life. Challenges include sampling soil in a search for microbial life, assisting astronauts on a wide variety terrain, autonomously transverse long expanses of rough terrain, and service malfunctioning equipment. If conquering these challenges seems interesting to you, join us either by dropping by one of our general meetings that take place every Monday night at 7pm in lab64 (basement of Packard) or by emailing Shi Tuck at - we'd love to have you!


Designing assistive technology devices starts with identifying a challenge that affects an individual with a disability or an older adult. We will collaborate with Stanford Lecturer David L. Jaffe, the instructor for the Winter Quarter course: Perspectives in Assistive Technology, and the local community to address real problems, with an emphasis on solutions that employ robotics technologies. Projects will follow a design process that involves
fully understanding the problem before fabricating, testing, and refining prototypes.


The Soft Robotics team uses non-traditional, flexible actuators to build robots uniquely suited to the unpredictability of many modern use cases. Past projects have included an soft exoskeletal pneumatic arm, and an elastomer/vacuum based exoskeleton hand. This year, we are hoping to expand the scope of the soft exoskeleton project and investigate new types of actuation.

BB8 Logo.png

We're a team of Star Wars nerds that wants to build everyone's favorite cute droid (of the newer movies). Come join us to bring our prototype to a final droid that we dream of being able to follow us around, respond to commands, and be our cute lab mascot!

Leap Logo.png

A team of motion focused engineers teaching a robot to crawl, walk, and then run! We've built a robotic kangaroo leg that can jump in the air and "catch" itself when it falls and are excited to take this further into a fully autonomous moving creature.