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Extreme Mobility

Extreme Mobility is a team pushing the limits of robotic locomotion. The team designs and builds robots to navigate environments where traditional wheeled, tracked, and flying robots won’t work. This year the team is building multiple legged robots combining biomimetic legs to navigate uneven surfaces and solid rocket motors to leapfrog obstacles.


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Mars Rover

Mars Rover Team will be competing in the 2019 University Rover Challenge which simulates tasks future rovers might need to do on Mars. The competition takes place in the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah and requires navigating the difficult terrain autonomously and perform dexterous manipulation of tools. We had lots of fun in last year’s competition, and are excited to have you with us this year!

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Explore Team

Want to jump into a small project right away? Then Explore Team is for you! Our mentors will guide you through the process of design and building — no experience necessary. Areas to explore include soft robotics, sensor fusion, mechanical design, and more.


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Social Robotics

The Social Robotics team aspires to get people on campus excited about robotics by building robots that are adorable and unique - robots with personalities. We want to learn more about interactions between people and machines by creating robots that embody our ideal of how social robots should interact with the world. Currently we are working on a BB8 robot from Star Wars and a social robot of our own design. 




In addition to facilitating events between the members, the operations team organises outreach events and bringing speakers to Stanford's campus. This year we ran over 30 workshops in topics ranging from PCB design to machine learning. We also run workshops for middle school and high school students designed to introduce them to robotics and mechatronics


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