Mars Rover



The CS takes knowledge learned in classes such as CS106A/B and applies to real world applications. We use the Robot Operating System to interface with a variety of sensors and make decisions about . We are currently working on developing our own SLAM algorithms and on a human interface for controlling the rover. We meet every Saturday at 4pm in Packard 030.


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The mechanical team combines skills in computer aided design with hands on manufacturing to build the best rover possible. We extensively simulate our designs to ensure they can satisfies the competitions requirements without being any heavier then they need to be. If you want to learn more about the design process and gain experience with processes such as vacuum forming or TIG welding join our team (no experience necessary :) We meet every Tuesday at 6pm in Packard 030.

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How do we test for life on the Mars? What type of processes are necessary analyze soil? Just what is science anyway? Help us answer these questions and more at 6pm on Wednesdays in lab64 during Science's weekly team meeting.



If the idea of making circuits, analyzing power distribution, and/or creating a robot's 'brain' interests you, join EE Team's meetings at 8pm on Thursday nights in lab64. We'll see you there! 



Do you love robots, but also love talking with people, and want to help our team maintain and expand its resources? Are you interested in marketing or business in any sense? Then we would love to have you on our outreach team! Come talk to us in on Wednessday nights at 7pm in Lab64!