Get Involved

We want to make it easy for us all to work and build together!


I'm a Stanford student and want to get involved

A. Easy, click these links.

I'm a Stanford student and have a project idea

A. We are shifting towards working on larger-scale full-year projects as a way of fostering community and building more meaningful creations. We love to encourage ALL new ideas but find it even more impressive when someone already involved in robotics wants to push a their own new idea forward in the club. Start by attending a current team build meeting, talking to the leads, and seeing how we can work together on your idea.

P.S. it doesn't have to be purely robotics! - we've had people make a hairbrush that applies its own hair gel

I want to join leadership

A. We are constantly growing and would love to have you on our team. Right now we're looking for these students:

  • Community Builder
  • Sponsorship Leader
  • Social Media/Branding Enthusiast
  • Event Planner

If you don't fir these, don't worry, still reach out! 

I'm part of a robotics group at another university or high school

A. We love working with or at least chatting with other young builders across the world. We haven't had any inter-school partnerships in the past but are excited for that possibility. We're also open to scheduling visits to our lab space if you or your group is in the area and schedules line up. Shoot us an email.


My company is interested in the maker scene at Stanford

A. You're at the right place! Shoot anyone on leadership an email and we'll schedule a time to chat over the phone or grab tea if you're in the Stanford area. In the past, we've worked with companies to host workshops, initiate recruiting efforts, collaborate on manufacturing or procurement of parts, and many other things.

We are specifically looking for sponsors that can 1) offer mentors that can be direct points of contact for engineering questions that come up as we build (any time commitment), 2) support in purchasing and finding the best components to be building with, and 3) are excited about the possibility of helping a student group grow and become the next generation of industry engineers. 


I'm just curious and want to talk

A. Awesome, send anyone on the leadership team an email and we can make that happen.