Core Teams (Beta)

Diverse teams working on large scale projects that have direct applications to real-world opportunities

coming Fall 2017


Assistive Technology

Designing assistive technology devices starts with identifying a challenge that affects an individual with a disability or an older adult. We will collaborate with Stanford Lecturer David L. Jaffe, the instructor for the Winter Quarter course: Perspectives in Assistive Technology, and the local community to address real problems, with an emphasis on solutions that employ robotics technologies. Projects will follow a design process that involves
fully understanding the problem before fabricating, testing, and refining prototypes.



The future of transportation is wildly and excitingly ambiguous. Let's discover it with the help of great people at Ford



What happens in a very close future with over 7 billion sensors. How does this information flow and how can we take advantage of these inputs and outputs to create new experiences? We'll partner with designers at IDEO CoLab in prototyping these solutions.